Sunday, September 5, 2010

"Que Lambon"

anyone have an extra flip flip camera that they don't use or something and wanna donate it to the blog?If so email me at ... I got two dahstreets stickers(last ones)for the person that hooks it up so I can keep making lil edits like this,and dont forget about that 1000 Niggas Deep dvd...real joints are in that fugeo

"I'm the King of my jungle,they know the routine,They can't come outside, they might bump into D.S.B" from Muffinman on Vimeo.

Sat with the player and coaches,and ima always be in the hood like roaches from Muffinman on Vimeo.

Flip Cam D.S.B Uptown Sk8 Plaza Jam Edit. from Muffinman on Vimeo.

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