Thursday, August 26, 2010

Talk To'em Mario Martin-Alciati interview

Check out this lil interjuice with the homie and be sure to check out the new edit (Welcome to D.S.B)he put together to go withit,keep a eye out for many other interveiw's of them Dah Street Boys......D.S.B!
1.Where are you from?
Madrid, Spain. That's where i was born and raised until i was 8. Then i moved to Harrison, Ny its about 40min train ride outside the city (next to white plains). My whole dad's side of the family lives in Barcelona and i've been going there every year since i left (around 11 years) for anywhere from 3-4 weeks at a time.

2.Wildest thing you see while riding street in the city?
It was Last saturday, a black man holding a sign that said "foot fetish massages" trynna hustle money with a white dude laying on the union square steps sucking a persons feet and toes! He was so into it too, i tried to get dragon to go next but he didn't hahaha

3.Whats D.V.D's / web edits get you hyped and go ride your bike?
Good question! # 1,2 and 3 ANIMAL CUTS. Some others are all of Davey Watson's video parts Mike Hoder video parts, etnies grounded and animal can i eat.

4.Favorite Food?
Anything that my grandma (yaya) in barcelona makes!

5.Top 3 Favorite riders?
Ruben Alcantara, Joel Barnett, Chris Johnsson. For me its not just about the riding, a favorite rider is someone you respect and look up too for being a good person and the life they're living. I ride with Joel and chris pretty often and they're awesome dudes on and off the bike. I got to meet and talk to Ruben one day a while back,he is such an awesome dude that was probably the best day of my life. (fox tour came to the banks, aka all of the greatest riders (Ruben,Aitken,Foster,Morrales,Hawk,soooo many people Scottycranmerflairedthebanks.).

6.Remember when everyone thought like Gaga was a man?Do you think shit is?Would you spank that?
Gaga is pretty out there, do you remember when everyone thought Ciara was a man?!?! hahah that never got answered. I don't know about her gender, but i do know people forgot she's from YONKERS and that she forgot that as well. I probably wouldn't spank that but i think i could talk to her for hours, then maybe spank that. haha

7.What is B.M.X to you?
To me, B.M.X is moving around from place to place while finding cool things to do with your bike. Growing up we didn't have skateparks they were all over an hour away. So we rode street (had some trails too). To me riding street is like riding one massive never-ending skatepark with no rules. Eventually we started getting on trains and subways to the city etc until we could finally drive. I still don't really like driving to ride because i always was just able to leave my house and start pedaling. I still like street the most, just because you get to move around and see a lot of things and people. When i'm in a skatepark i feel kind of like i'm wasting time/trapped and its kind of gross. SHOUTOUTS to EastShore skatepark (Ithaca, NY) though, that is the one skatepark i like so much because everyone there is always so chill, and i usually don't even ride i just hang out and laugh. Ben is doing things right.

8.Spain over City life?Why?
pssh man, thats hard. Uhhhhh....... i stared at this for like 5 minutes, i guess its a tie lol.

9.Shout outs?
Nic Gironda AKA Burbsrider because he always comes through with the filming editing and lots of laughs,my family,shotout to american companies keeping it american made,all my dudes,,The young 914 kids coming up stoked on that,and obviously DAHSTREETS.BLOGSPOT.COM

Mario Martin-Alciati from nic gironda on Vimeo.


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