Monday, August 23, 2010

Live From The Trap

The tripped ,this video is some uptown Piff on a friday nite aka watch the whole thing. riders are Miles Rogoish aka tatted up
Ty Morrow aka damn tht was sick
Drew York aka didnt he ride for standard ?
Tony Neyer aka been doin it
Rick Scott
Dan Lacey aka tht was soooo gooood n/h
Lahsaan Kobza aka looks like steven kay
Eric Holley aka bmx god
Steve Croteau aka jail house whites arch enemy
Tammy Jane aka rides the same frame as me (ayye)
Seamus McKeon aka young hamilton
Hoang Tran
Patrick King aka young highness
Alex Vazquez
Garrett Reynolds aka did tht motherfucker just do tht

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