Friday, June 25, 2010

The D.S.B Jam.

thanks to everyone that came out even thou the sky was gray and the rain came down on us at like 3 in the afternoon haha,also thanks to Animal,Cardinal and Cult for hookin it up with things to give away to everyone!Next weekend is the next D.S.B jam,this time at the queens plaza...look back here for more info on that!

Flip Cam D.S.B Uptown Sk8 Plaza Jam Edit. from Muffinman on Vimeo.

anyone know why I have to make the edits with the H.D flip in the flip program(which dont let me edit shit at all)and not in movie maker,do I need a converter or somthing?If so link the kid so the edit can be one point!


Sean said...

here's how to edit the Flip videos in MM, i had the same prob.

agus said...

e-wips ftw.