Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"Oba Stanley Tell'em"

1.Where you from,how long have you been riding for,how old are you?

I'm from the Bronx, one of the 5 boroughs that makes up NYC. I have been riding for 12 years now and I'm 26 year young.

2.How has B.M.X changed over the years?And can you dig it?

B.M.X changed a lot from when I first started riding back in 97 or 98. All the way from the bikes down to the trick. I think It changed for the better in a way... I can dig it but the only thing that gets to me is when I here people talking shit on old school riders... that's not cool!

3.Hows the N.Y.C scene?

The scene here is cool but it use to be better and for a while the scene fell off... Slowly but shortly it's picking back up again.

4.What kinda spots get you hyped?And does your twin brother that skate boards put you on to the joints?

I'm hyped to ride cool session spots, new spot I never seen before and riding with cool people. My bother put me on to a lot of spots that he thinks would be great of BMX and it's the other way around too. If I see same thing that looks sick I put him on as well.

5.Your part in the soon to be out "718" dvd is definitely my favorite part in the dvd,I feel that its one of your 1st part ever that realy shows what your capable of doing,in other words "You went in",how long did you film for and what was filming with Jerry like?

Thanks man! I appreciate the compliment. I was filming for that video for about 1 year and had a great time doing it. I grew up filming with Jerry aka LaunchPad since I can remember and I always had so much fun. But he's mad cool to be around and his jokes are off the wall funny.

6.How do you feeling knowing that the Brooklyn Banks are about to be shut down?

It sucks because that's a famous NYC street spot and it as everything you would want to ride there. That is the only place you can ride with out getting kicked out by a cop or a security guard so I'm disappointed!

7.Whats the wildest shit you ever seen while riding around on your bike?

Way to much stuff on a daily basis,haha. NYC is too real.

8.Whats your thoughts on the new aM:pM D.V.D(which you got clips in)and Joey,the evil genius behind it all? (press this if you wanna buy a cope off empireB.M.X,danscomp will have it soon also)

Yo! I always like what Joey is doing with the the whole AM:PM thing. He brings a different out look on BMX and the scene here in NYC. I would say it's for the better... There are a lot of people here with alot of talent that should be seen.keep up the good work Joey.

9.Animal is droppin a new D.V.D also(which you also have clips in),give me one word to discribe how you think the D.V.D is going to be.


10.Thoughts on the classic L.O.X "We are the streets"album?

The best L.O.X album ever! Those dudes are to real! People are not ready yet,lol.

11.Filming for "1000 Niggas Deep"is about to be on and poppin once the good weather is here,you ready?

All day... I'm going in.

12.If you can thank the bodega's for having 3 item's,what would they be?

Low price junk food, cheap beer and sandwich specials. know what I'm talking about?

13.Any last words or shout outs?

The only last thing I would like to say is: "you have to respect the O.G's that came before you because if it wasn't for them we all wouldn't be here today with the trick that people are doing now" Shout outs to ever body I ever rode with through out the years,all my friend and family, Niels at Simple bikes, Mark Owen and Jeremie infelise at Sidewalldistro, every one at Animal, Muffinman for the interview, my dude B Piff, AM:PM Joey, and any body that I forgot to mention you know who you are..

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