Thursday, January 28, 2010


1.Filming is back on for the "1000 Niggas Deep"D.V.D
2.M.c Piffy is a poster on the blog now,along with two others
3.I'll be having a bunch of interveiws coming soon of N.Y.C cats.
4.D.S.B web joint coming soon.
5.The Tookie Trap House "How you living" vid coming soon.
6.And yes,you deff seen this pic posted way to many times but i like it,so pop.


young_chuckie said...

what good with 1000 nigga deep vid..every body or just your ppls??

The Artist Formerly Known As "Muffinman" said...

mostly my peoples,but i fucks with like everyone in New York other then like mybe 5 kids,so yea i guess everyone haha,and the promo only has 4 kids in it becasue thats the only footy i wanted to wast on the net,the other stuff is for the dvd juice