Friday, November 20, 2009

Dah Streets Update.

1.If you check this blog at all then you must have seen "free B PIFF" writin somwhere,B Piff is one of my right hand mans and has been locked up for what feels like forever!But word on the streets are that he comes home on Dec 18th!!!!!and thats POPPPIN,i dont think a day has gone by that i dont look at whoever im with that knows him and im like "wow man,where the kid piff at!"but its all good because he comes home soon!
2.D.S.B(DahStreetBoys)edit coming in two weeks,youalreadyknow
3.Updates have been slow because i been out filmin with joey for the new am:pm dvd which should be out mega soon,and trust in the muff,ya should deff go get that.
4.Thanks to all ya that check the blog out nallthat,i fucks with ya!!!

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