Tuesday, November 24, 2009


so if u have one and hate it,or dont use it,dont dig it,or just wanna be the man and just want to give it to me(n/h) letmeknow!muffinmanbikes@gmail.com,this way i can keep all the real joints in the G.L 2(which is why u havnt see a dahstreets edit in a min),and i can keep the lilbabyhoodstreets edits flowing like these 3!!

"Me and streets is high school sweethearts,And I'm always in her so she can't divorce me" from Muffinman on Vimeo.

"And you know I'm in the hood like Chinese Wings" from Muffinman on Vimeo.

Sat with the player and coaches,and ima always be in the hood like roaches from Muffinman on Vimeo.

FREE B PIFF..........

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bmxwww said...

Ok: http://bmxwww.blogspot.com/2009/11/dah-streets-needs-flip.html I have one in Brazil with a friend mine so u will need to pay postage. Let me know...