Sunday, January 4, 2009

Rode around my hood

rode/chilled with with chris johnnson,bape and 1,2,3 for like 2 hours the other day,filmed some stuff to see how good my brothers flip vido camra is,it was cold as fuck and it reminded me that i have like no spots in my area.

Chillin from muffinman on Vimeo.
edit-now that i know the flip flims kinda good ima just have it on me at all times and film people doin shit and try to have a lil chill edit up every 2 weeks or somthing so if u see me and u got some milk to spill on a spot let me know,chill clips does not mean scrap clips so dont tell me to film u doin some wildwack ish.


Dan D. said...

word i got the flip mino...shit films pretty good..i made a handle for that shit to so you can hold it like a real camera

The Artist Formerly Known As "Muffinman" said...

ahah thats nuts,how did you make the handle?

Dan D. said...

i used a shelf bracket and bent it a couple times...shit came out tight