Saturday, January 17, 2009

josy dont do it.....JOEY DONE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AM:PM VIDEO PREMIERE! last night was so dope i have not seen everyone in so long before that because it been so cold,everyone was jsut chillin drinkin smoking talking it was so good........and the dvd,o man this dvd is goin to change bmx man this dvd is real bmx man,i couldnt stop shakin my head and thinking,o man joey did it he realy made a dvd that just makes you love bmx,makes you just want to go ride chill with your friends like...i cant even explain it,shit is just awsome so siked that alot of my homies are in the dvd and even more siked that alot of dudes came to see it last night and dug the shit,EVEN THE MULLALY skate park O.G's rob,cas,ralf,blue came,merph who has knowin me scince i 1st started riding bikes haha 4 pegs,cable,uncut slams,dave mirra seat,lil chunky nigga with a 21 inch stricker frame haha good old days welll big thanks to everyone that came out last night and showed love it was a awsome time,lets do it again next year for the next dvd ;)
photo takin my fatman stole it from
you will be able to get the dvd from animalbikes they will be selling them so give them a ring and see whats poppin!

extra holla to skinny and his boy the leche king that peep this blog at work haha

b.t.w posted while still leaninand i jsut got up,its 2:40
AND tookie got locked up last night! FREE THAT BLACK LECHE STICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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