Monday, December 8, 2008


yo this is nard gettin a dvx soon droppin web edits of dem niggaz you already know what it is and 5 dolla dvd mixtape comin out next year starrin Muffinman , Tom Lavorgna , Ralph Bury, nard,niggaz in the city mostly toookie, corey godfrey (dont worry no woodward clips), chris johnsson aka dickems,jake seeley, some scallz gap clips ( if the nigga comes outta the shade),Joey piazza,nicky b,mike rose,xavier (from muffs hood nigga will bar dah world),dom newell aka scrap clips in dah bonus,chris wilke (if he rides.. again bonus),jaryn pierson (all common clips) , dah boss in dah party clips smoking blunts and drinkin daT HENNYand more many many other niggas ... will let you know soon be watching out for DAHSTREETS.BLOGSPOT.COM hittin you next here with this mixtape..

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