Saturday, November 15, 2008


me chris johnnson(the kid with all the pics in the last post),tookie aka my body gard are goin to c.t today for a mike.a jam and after that stayin at corey's house b.t.w let me take a lil time to tell u how o.d good corey is haha ok kid could HOP 540 land with roll out speed and everything,same day he got barspins he did a 360 bar to fakie on a bank...well u get where im goin with this haha and b.t.w i never see him anymore but thats family to me,love my leche stick corey
also whats the point of talkin about him if there is not vid or anything?true true so ill post a not so old web milk he made up for your eyes

CoreyGodfrey Web Video from Mike Mastroni on Vimeo.

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