Monday, February 25, 2013

Flicks From "The Rotten" DVD Primire.

Troy working for the man. 
Muggin from the DvD
When I got to Post & saw this dude I thought "AYEE B.M.X is still good if thats Street Sweeper" and sure enough it was,he's also got the 2nd to last part in the Dvd which is a spit part with his homie which is FIRE....btw for the ones who dont know,this is the dude that over Derrick Dusted the rail at the Banks back in the day.OGSHIT.
Shmegal came threw looking for his ring.
N.Y.C's Top Black-"DayDay"
Pat&CO getting twist before the showing
Worm's son shinning light in the dark,Animal edit of him killing the streets coming soon!
The movie was POPPIN,Shoutouts to everyone that made the event happen!

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