Monday, December 3, 2012

Cult Primer Edit!

This is one of the edits that got done at "king Of New York"(Jamaican linked this one all up) we came in deep-we left deep and we left our mark at the Primire,shit was a fun the way you might see in this edit why they didnt name anyone "king Of New York".....but yea the Dah Streets King Of New York City is going to be POPPPPPPIN!Add the event HEREEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

King Of New York 2012 from JAMAICAN JOHN on Vimeo.

BTW Im uploading my edit that I took some secs out of having mad fun to film,via my broke I phone that I never connected,aye.
just loaded it,peep the feel

Cult DVD Primer from Muffinman on Vimeo.

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