Monday, November 5, 2012

D.S.B Halloween Jam Pics!!

Woke early on Halloween day & thought BMXERS MUST RUN THE CITY IN THE DARK ON HALLOWEEN OR WEVE ALL LOST TOUCH TO WHAT WE DO AS NEW YORKERS THAT WHERE PUT ON THIS EARTH TO BMX!!!So I made a facebook event for a "Occupy DAH STREETS Part 2" Get together like 9 hours before it was going down(mind you I worked that day from 12-8 and rode the city the night before that),but yea,it was waywayway to good to put into words,your just going to have to see the footy we filmed and how dope and real the setting was in NEW YORK CITY! by scooping that Dah STreets "1000 Niggas Deep" DVD when it drops,stay tuned.

B.T.W this last photo means alot to me,reminds me of the feel BMX had back in The Banks days....shows me BMX is still alive,in us..shit The Banks might miss us more then we miss The Banks haha

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