Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Shoutouts to everyone that came threw to the DAH STREETS JAM on Sunday,Just to let you guys know I fucking worked from 12 to 6 that day,got out of work on the B.K side of the Willy B and rode my ass to L.E.S to ride with everyone and give away shit!DAHSTREETS for the people by the people,I got love for my B.M.Xers in N.Y.C ,well anway peep these flicks from the day,more up tomorrow!

This was moments before almost everyone at the jam jump a Sk8er for acting crazy,shit was mega funny,kid had to run out the park with no sk8board and left his brand new deck he had with him haha,,,BMX > allthatothershit

The photo to the left was taken at like 6:04,right after i got out of work down the block at Landmark Bikes,was hype to see this many people waitin to go over to the jam,B.T.W in Two weeks we are having another one !!!!!!!! Been on the look out for Date Place & time!!!!!!!!

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