Sunday, December 4, 2011

About The Day We Occupied DAH STREETS!!!

So yesterday was the "Occupy DAH STREETS!" get together...this is how the day went pretty much(edit of the day coming soon!)H.T.W homies that came in at 11 from Farrock,we dipped after this...thats D.S.B Headquaters

We stoppped and rode Harlem Banks not to far from Bpiffington's house,filmed some fuego of the baiiz.....we fixed a flat & a broke chain also at this spot and after that Corey got hit by a car on like 44th and 9th on the way dippin downtown,dragged under the car nallthat haha.

He got back up and we kept the ride moving,the next stop we make after that was the court House drop which Jeremy who came down from D.C killed one take,D.S.B!

 this point we were all sooooobeat haha,so we stopped at Supra to see Blackman and show some Hood Happy Love and went to dowahtwedo at L.E.S park...OH yea and bumped into CRACKS on his block,we got some dope clips at that spot haha,youll see.

Last of the riders riding back uptown!Technically the Jam didnt end till MADLATE...thanks to everyone that came out!..cant wait for the summer Jams!!!!!

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