Friday, May 21, 2010

Am:Pm God Hour.

So Joey has this ideal,lets ride all 5 boro's without taking the train starting from N.J,into S.I then take the ferry to downtown to then ride into Brooklyn,threw Brooklyn into some Island so we can get into Queens,then rode threw queens into the Bronx,threw the bronx back into the city(Harlem) one day,shit was the best time I had in mad long,joeys filmed w/e went down on it and made a lil give away promo,go to this link and see how you can get a "God Hour" for free!Riders in it are Edwin De La,Ratkid,Me,Joey Piazza,Bob Scerbo,Ralf Burrr,Chris Johnson,Muffinman.....shout outs to Rob Dolecki for doing the hole ride with a like 60 pound bag on his back haha.

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