Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Brooklyn Banks News

Got a email from Sabrina Lau aka The Community Outreach for the Brooklyn Bridge Rehabilitation,telling me "The Brooklyn Bridge is in urgent need of rehabilitation, and this project is slated to begin in 2010 and expected to finish in 2014. During this time, a portion of the Brooklyn Banks will be closed for use by the contractor. When the storage area is established, more than half of the area currently used as a skatepark will be available for public use.
The scope of work for this project also includes painting, which is expected to begin in the winter of 2010. During painting work, the park will be closed to provide the space required for painting operations. After the painting work in this area is complete, anticipated for mid 2010, the park will be reopened with the exception of the storage area. The park will completely reopen when the rehabilitation is completed. DOT has been working closely with Steve Rodriguez, spokesperson for the Brooklyn Banks and the communities that use it, to share this space without compromising the vital reconstruction of the Brooklyn Bridge."..I rode the banks yesterday and it was a dope time,people where out riding and chilling,thank god they are not going to shut the hole place down or we woulda had to have done somthing about it

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