Sunday, May 10, 2009


taken from: everything you love to hate

The NYPD Is Ready For Its Angry Close-Up from ANIMALmagazine on Vimeo.

break down of what's going on:
:03 Police officer takes out his phone to begin recording the incident for what appears to be his own personal amusement after telling the suspect “your nuts.”

:23 Off camera you can hear the cop say, “This is definite YouTube stuff.”

:45 He adds, “Woo I got that good one,” when she starts screaming.

:51 When asked what she did, he says, “She didn’t pay her fare, and went crazy, kicked the cops books, she did a karate.”

1:02 The Indian gentleman asks the Asian cop a question he responds forcefully, “Sir mind your own business. Sir mind your own business. I’m not supposed to answers questions like that unless you’re a freaking lawyer,” emphasizing the point with some pokes to the man’s chest.

1:16 You got a problem? You’re gonna get locked up now, alright. You don’t ask questions like that, you’re not a lawyer. Listen you ain’t hear what happened. Did you see her kick someone. You got a problem now, hold on. Did you see what she did? Then why would you get involved if you didn’t see it? It doesn’t matter. Did you see what happened.”

1:40 The cop pushes the old man into the metal barrier, he falls to the ground off camera. You can hear it.

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