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Larry Rodes interveiw

People always interveiw the kids in the edit,but what are they with out a good filmer,is is my boy Larry,walk with me

1.Where are you from,whats your name,how long have you been riding?

Larry Rhodes. Im originally from Jersey but call Philly home now. I think I have been riding for 8 years or so.

Larry shreding his house when he should be filmin!!

2.What made you start filmin,how long have you been doin it for?

My friend Dave Wagner who was on the "Yeah Savage" come up trip was really into it. I started shooting clips for him for videos that he made. He eventually showed me editing and I have been addicted since then.

3.What do you use to film?

I shoot with the Pannasonic DVX100B with a Century Optics fisheye lens, simple light set up and have some different kind of mic's.


4. Do you bring your camra out everytime you go ride?

For the most part I bring it out every day. I always think its a good idea to bring it out just incase someone wanted to do something or there is a dope set-up that doesn't seem like it will be there for that long. Since it's the winter I haven't been bringing it out at all and trying to work a little on my riding. Shout out to The Last People aka Jessie and being to serious because I bring my camera out with me. Ni**a look at you

5.Who do your ride with most of the time?

Nicky B every time i go out. Other kids I like riding with a lot are Ben Wentzel, Ryan Beck, Aaron Buckley (always entertaining), Black Steve, Call Out Bates aka T.B., and the man Ben Hittle. Since I listed them all I feel I have to list some others dudes that I don't get to see that often and like riding with. Muffin Milk, Corey Godfrey, Mike Mastroni, Joof, Spam, Steve-o is always entertaining, Joe Synosky, Rory Ellis, Matty Long, Beltcher, Slow Joe, RatKid, Sanchez, Platt, Jeff M, Andy Mick is crazy, Brian Tunney, JJ Palmere, Tom Lavorgna, Chase D, Randy B, Jake Seeley Sunday Pro!, Mike Rose and Dan Diehl. I'm sure there is plenty more good dudes that I'm forgetting so sorry about that.

6. Do you film for anyone, have you ever done a dvd?

As far as companies I don't really film for anyone. I live off of working for www. vimby. com which I do a bunch of BMX stuff for but also shoot other stuff for them. I do help out a lot filming some dudes for their parts for videos. I also have done some stuff for Props. It's always cool to see how someone else edits your stuff and all the riders are always siked that I help them out. As far as putting a DVD together I have only done one, The Come Up DVD. I would never call it my best work but it was something that was a great experience. Especially going on trips and getting to hang with a cool group of dudes.

7. So i know your working on your own dvd,im sure you dont want to spill to much milk about it but who is goin to be in it,when should it be out?

Yea, I have been wanting to do my own DVD for a while now and I am finally going ahead and doing it. I have played around with a couple ideas and finally got a good one. I had most of the dudes in the video come down one weekend in late fall to get some sort of start on the video. We got some stuff but Corey's bike ended up getting robbed for a neighborhood we just shouldn't have been in even though I was there a few days before with only Nick and nothing happened. Just goes to show that sometimes you get lucky. Full production starts as soon as the weather breaks. To help the process I am finishing up with school in March, so I will be able to travel a bunch and get it done. Most the dudes that are going to be in the video are; Ben Hittle, Andy Mick, Ben Wentzel, Nicky B, Joe Synosky, Corey Godfrey, Mike Mastroni, Rory Ellis and Matty Long. Those guys are going to have the biggest parts in the video but there will be much more dudes. I am trying to focus on kids that are really good but not heard of as much as big named pros. Look for the video around fall of this year.

this is Rory Ellis who will be in the dvd Larry is workin on

8. If you were filmin somone and they did a indain giver or a whip to frame would you use the clip?

Hah, it depends. For my own video no but for web videos, I don't think the riding has to be as serious. Web videos are sort of a way to use stuff that you like but typically wouldn't be considered really good footage. Then on the other hand, the footage for the Ben Hittle Defgrip edit and the Nicky B Vimby edit was stuff that was going towards my DVD. I just shoot with those two dudes so much that there is no reason to sit on all that footage.

9.Whats the gayest thing you seen Adam 22 do?

Adam22 has done his fair share of gay stuff. The gayest thing... it's really hard to say. I got funny edit that I am working on that might reveal one of those moments so you got to be the one to choose.

10.Chris Johnsson asked Have you seen GT the code 4130, and your favorite places you have been to film bmx?

No, I have never seen that, not even to sure what that is. As weird as it may sound, my favorite place I have been to shoot is Philly, where I live. I like knowing a massive amount of spots and being able to take people there that like to ride those kinds of set-ups.

10.Not to long ago you filmed and edited of Nicky(de la)b edit which had the internet goin nuts because of what he had to say about hidding spots,did you think it was goin to start up gay internet drama?What are your thoughts on showin the next man spots you have found?

Yeah, it caused a lot of drama which I thought was really funny. Even Adam22 thought Nick sounded like a dick but everyone didn't take it how it really was meant. I never thought it would turn into kids getting all angry about it. Maybe those kids were just jealous because they don't have any good spots. What Nick said was that "it's not really cool when kid's come here expecting to be shown all the spots", "it's definitely hard to find spots so I not really trying to give up the spots unless they are a friend or I have an idea for them at a spot". It simply means that if we don't know you we won't show you all of our spots. Simple and many people do the same. I like showing people new spots if they are good friends. I am definitely going to save a spot for someone if I have a dope idea on that spot. Kids that are all friends in the city usually keep spots to themselves until they get their trick or clip done.

11. Do you use the word leche in you everyday life?

No, I only use leche when I talk to the one and only Muffin.

larry gettin down on the bike

12.What's your favorite dvd as far as the filming in it?

Overall favorite as of now would have to be Brighton Aint Ready. Ed Allen did an awesome job with that. It brought a new unique feel to the table. Before that came out it would definitely have to Left Right by Ryan Navaz. He has an amazing ability to put videos together and I always make sure that I purchase his newest video as soon as they come out. Other guys like Will Stroud, Stew Johnson and Walter Peringer are also amazing.

13.Any last words my young white long lens useing leche stick?thanks?

Have fun, filming never has to be serious and don't stress about it. My thanks would be way to long but primarily I thank anyone

Here are some of the edits he has made peep them and injoy leche sticks

Ben Hittle's Defgrip edit. from on Vimeo.
Even though I don't really ride, because I mostly film I will be putting a web video together of my self riding and describing the concept of the dvd a bit.

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