Sunday, January 18, 2009

Chris Johnsson Interjuice

Chris Johnsson : So spit that knowledge god

Muffy : How long have you been riding,where you from,how old are you,you mo?

Chris Johnsson : Been riding a bike since like 4 y.o, but I guess what people consider "riding" , mb 3 years or so. I'm from white plains, NY. I've been livingfor 20 years. No mo.


Muffy : Top 5 favorite bike riders are?

Chris Johnsson : Hmmm Ralph Bury, Frank Macchio, Marlon Europe, Steven Hamilton and Ratkid, that sounds right I guess.
Chris Johnsson : Basically any rider who's out there to have fun and knows how to cruise.

Muffy : What are your favorite kind of spots to milk on?

Chris Johnsson : Um.. Any type of bank or jersey barrier spot. I dont grind so anything besides a ledge spot I guess? Unique spots.


Muffy : So the AM:PM dvd primiere was friday night,how would you explain the feel to the dvd,how would you explain it? And b.t.w your part was poppin young milkman.

Chris Johnsson : Thanks brahh, as was your bodega soundtrack. The dvd is something else, it makes you love bike riding. That dvd was made just chilling and cruising around. There was no pressure to film anything in it, so when you watch it you know that's just fun times.. Its definitely worth buying, ima get two of them joints, two.

Chris Johnsson : U plan on riding up a bigger set of stairs? Or maybe doing a :: click click:: out of the stairs

Muffy : if i can find a bigger set in the city then sure and that click click is goin down summer time thou to cold to ride bikes right now,and so true about the dvd

Chris Johnsson : Yea mann def.

Muffington : Is it hard as a white male always riding bikes with the black and spanish?

Chris Johnsson : Its always been that way, hola


Muffy : You have alot for train clips with me(muffin),whats up with that?

Chris Johnsson : True, b/c we be chillin, you see that wallride, and we go in. Simple as that. Kids needs learn that you don't practice milkin',we just go in.


Muffy : Who do you ride/rep?

Chris Johnsson : AM:PM aka the non-existent company thats a company,Dah Streets blog,the Garden bike shop, Volume bikes,and of course we can't forget Vanessa's dumplings.


Muffin : What are your top 3 favorite tricks?Has Corey Godfrey tryed to milk you?

Swansson : Ok ill try to actually name tricks. bunnyhop, nose manual and tire slide. And nope, not yet..



Muffinman : 1st B.M.X movie you ever got?

Chris Johnsson : my first bmx movie and only one I have bought is GT the code 4130,That's from 1993,VHS, Still have it.

Muffy aka BooBoo : Favorite Skate movie?

Chris Johnsson : Probably transworld "and now" its relatively new. And marc gonzales' random youtube edits.

Muffy : Best non riding spot?

Chris Swaggson : Probably dumpling spot or union on a summer night.


Young doodoo : Who pays you lil baby cups of leche to help post shit on this blogt?Why dont you ever post shit?

Chris Johnsson : You, lol i post sometimes, ill step up on the posting.

Muff : Favorite skateboarder?

C.J : Ill name a few, steve Rodriguez (5boro) Marc Gonzales, and Richie Jackson.


MrMuffinToYou : Last words,or"hollers"as a white nigga in the club would say

DAH STREETS of course and a "yerr!" to joey for that dvd and everyone who came out to the am:pm premiere and showed love. Back to bushwick baby! Holllla!

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