Sunday, January 11, 2009

AM:PM "Con Queso" Dvd Pemiere info/interview with Joey

is poppin off this friday(January 16th)in brookyln at Ed's shop
goin to be dope as fuck and a good time,i cant wait to see this
being that i know how much fun we had making it,goin to be dope
to see how it came out.
MUFANDO:Interveiw for DAH streets?
JOEY :go in
MUFFY :How long have you been filmin for the moive?
JOEY :1 year
MUFFINMAN :Who has your favorite part and why?
JOEY :Id say ralph cause he makes everything look so easy
tough question i like all the parts
MUFFMUFF :How is this dvd dirrerent from other dvd's that are out now?
JOEY :I think its the closest description of what it's like to ride bmx in new york city...most videos focus mainly on tricks...this videos has that and a whole lot more....its kinda like a bmx video about maiking a bmx should come to the premiere on friday to find out
BOOBOO :Who are some of the people in the dvd?
JOEY : Chris johnsson, ralph bury, muffinman, frank macchio, marlon europe, oba stanley, ikeem steven and jose have a part, know...the same faces you've seen in the commercials for the most part
MUFFINGTON :When are people goin to be able to buy the dvd and where should they look for it?
JOEY : Probably early february....animal is gonna distribute if you're interested call them up....ill have a bunch of copies as
YOUNG 60 MINS :Any last words/holla's,my young white papa loco?
JOEY :Ummmm....friday be there for the shenanigans....bring your bike your skateboard...good times....mer.