Sunday, December 21, 2008

Gorey Godfrey Interjuice

MrMuffinToYou: lets do a interveiw
corey17017: go in

MUFF-Whats your age,mother land,years ride,how long is the willy in the cold?
COREY-17 from winsted,CT,bikin for about,5years,idk probly wicked little like my cat walter's willy.

MUFF-what is your favorite trick to do?
COREY-Deff hang 5s as much as u hate me doing them,always funn and chill.

MUFF-Are u tryin to say your about chillin?Mr i did a barspin down a 14.
COREY-I only went in to make an edit for u baby.


MUFF-Whats the gayest thing u have ever done?Are u taking long to write back because your thinkin of the gayest out of 2562456 gay things u have done?
COREY-Mmm to many gay things to say lol,many guys have seen my willy hard as a stone,pushed a poop out my butt and sucked it back in before it fell on the grond many times,it is what it is.

MUFF-What company's help you out with leche and other thing you need?
COREY-Coalition and Simple forsure are always there for me, i got all my new stuff from them and a week later my bike got stolen by wicked blacks,they didnt mind at all sending me all new stuff once again.


MUFF-Who are your top 3 favorite riders?
COREY-Mike Millar,Danny Hickerson, and i always let the 3rd person chill and change him all the time, i would say at the time Randy Taylor or Josh Bently

MUFF-Thanks for spelling all of that wrong.
COREY-it is what it is.

JEFF MARTIN-What you know about the <3ford trinket?
COREY-Best thing my eyes have ever seen,deff a treat.

MUFF-Who do you ride with all the time?
COREY-My boy kane, me and him started riding at the same time and always been riding and chillin, wish i could say muffy

MUFF-This is true,best friends that never see eachother...summer time will change that thou papa.
COREY-True papi chulo


MUFF-Who is a the wildest kid in C.T on his bike?
COREY-Jeff Martin or Matt Barcus.
MUFF-this is true both are so good,haha jeff i live that dude always chillin

MUFF-How do you feel about being in the "dem niggas" dvd which is a dvd out of n.y.c and having a full part in it when your a lil baby white boy from c.t that im pritty sure has never been in a fight with a black,spanish or any other kinda person that can say "nigga?
COREY-Icky white.

MUFF-Thats your ansewer?
COREY-Dad is throwin shit at me,almost broke the phone and shit.


MUFF-Lets talk about that SAVAGE for a lil,remember that time i got to your house at 5 in the morining woke your dad up and drank with him,why is he such a savage?tookie deff had a <3 to <3 with him about some savage shit.
COREY-Haha idk somtimes i wonder how i came from his willy, hes been threw alot of savage shit so him and the tookie connected lol, i think its from him going to an all black school and shit when he was growin up,if only the people of dah streets new my dads tales

MUFF-i know of them and i love that dude,he deff mailed me a pic of him standin next to his moto bike and it deff hangs on my wall.
COREY-He was siked to send you that,so good

MUFFY-Are you bummpin to music right now?if so what is it.
COREY-Right now im lisning to Ben Hittle's myspae song

MUFF-Are you on ben hittle's willy wacker?
COREY-Nah just into his swagg and i like lerkin peoples myspace's for wicked tunes

MUFF-So your a myspace lerker that can poop and push it back in while his friends peep?thats rad


CHRIS JOHNSON-Have you tried to fit your willy throught that hole in your ear?
COREY-How would i get the willy up to my ear,even if it was like 2 feet long lol

Hood Nigga-Do you love that nigga muff because of his fat lips?
COREY-Not true he's my baby and has many good features.


MUFF-Aww<3,Who do you ride with when your in n.y.c?
COREY-Muffy,Scallz and sometimes when there around Adam or Joey and more random blacks i love,but always the muff

HOOD NIGGA-Are you sayin Muffinman is black?Or does he just make black movments?
COREY-wicked black movments
HOOD NIGGA-true true

MUFF-Last words,and whats the most you have milked the cow in one day?
COREY-Chickin nigga booty!,and only 3 times,not that crazy,i know kids like Mike M who have like 9 times or so i think


MUFF-Mike M?you talkin about the flower web edit king?
COREY-Ahah true
MUFF-Your good friends with him,did he pick alot of flowers before winter came so he can have them for upcoming web edits?
COREY-hahahah i would not konw he never comes around much anymore but last i hear he was planting plants in his house.

MUFF-haha so good well good night baby,you go school tommorw,and one u want to thank and shit?

COREY-Of course to my baby muffin,kane lavalla, my wicked drunk dad, ryan shores,jake seely,mike m,tom l,lil tan aka chris, jeff d my sponcers for being wicked amazing,dah blacks who jacked my bike,i konw i forgot someone but i cant think right nowww,interviews are wikced hard like my willy

CoreyGodfrey Web Video from Mike Mastroni on Vimeo.

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