Wednesday, October 15, 2008

chill town

dave aka chill town aka "real talk" aka gay dave aka city dave broke his finger while filming for dah dah dah am:pm dvd(con leche)
b.t.w dont for get that am:pm dvd willl be hitting dah streets soon and should be dope,riders in it are joey,ralf,frank,dave,muff,bike shop workin nigga,marlon,tyrone,edwin,vinnie and a hole bunch of n.y.c boys and B.B her part should be dope and no im not kiddin about a girl having a bunch of clips in the dvd


evan said...


Anonymous said...

Ya Niggaz are Broke what the fuck is he drinking thats BUM juice nigga!!! LMAO

muffinman said...

ahha,we are the bum juice kings