Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Have everyone POST THIS on the internet(facebook,myspace,blogs,e.t.c)and SIGN IT!!! so we can get bikes into the Chelsea Pier's skate park,we need all the names we can get!!!!!And keep a eye on this blog for more info and the date on the "We In There" jam,Thanks BAII


Muffy-F-Baby said...

Dont slack on this!We are about to not have the brooklyn banks anymore so we need to work on having a chill place where everyone can ride and met up and then dip around dah streets!

mike said...

It blows my mind that this is not a bike park it looks more bike friendly than anything else. i sign it and re posted it

Muffy-F-Baby said...

thanks b,and yea its crazy that its a sk8 only park right now,anit no N.Y.C skate boarder goin to be able to ride those big ramps,hopfully this all works out